ABOUT US: Measuring the OVOL USA Standard

Measuring the OVOL USA Standard

The JP Gould Standard - gouldpaper.com

Service and Customized Solutions

For nearly a century, OVOL USA —now a part of Japan Pulp and Paper—has been able to provide a consistently high level of quality and service to the graphic arts industry, evenas the paper industry has evolved so dramatically.

Our success is rooted in who we are, the values we embrace, and in positive outcomes for our customers. We express it more simply as “The JP Gould Standard.” It’s a high bar that demands 100% commitment to excellence, integrity, communication and collaboration. The JP Gould Standard is how we’re able to provide:

We strive to live up to The OVOL USA Standard every day—that means we’re committed to the kind of lean management and entrepreneurial thinking that allow us to make decisions and take action quickly.

We invite you to see how OVOL USA Standard can help your supply chain and your business do more.

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