A Consultative-Based Approach for Every Paper Need
and Service

Our approach is simple: help our clients choose the best paper options and supply chain alternatives.

Michael Duncan - gouldpaper.com

Corporate Solutions

We partner with clients as part of their supply chain strategy to optimize their print spend and logistics, as well as provide financing solutions.

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Bob Kralik - gouldpaper.com

Publishing & Catalog Solutions

Our size, global reach and financial strength offer publishers and catalogers unparalleled advocacy, support and security.

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Commercial Printing & Direct Mail Solutions

As part of the print and mail supply chain, our expertise and innovative alternatives help clients increase quality and efficiency while reducing costs.

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Office Paper Solutions

Our customized private label options, value-added product offerings and accretive financing provide unmatched global opportunities for the channel.

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Ivy Frimer - gouldpaper.com

Clearance/Opportunity Solutions

We provide a ready market for our suppliers for all types of mill excess, as well as offering unique purchasing options and fast delivery to printers and buying groups.

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Specialty Materials

We offer recycled, renewable and man-made fibers for sustainability and specialized use.

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Jim Costenbader - gouldpaper.com

Global Resources

With offices in 50 cities across 22 countries, we can provide clients with competitive advantages through our global opportunities and logistical expertise.

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Hub to the Americas

We are a strategically located resource providing distribution for printing- and publishing-grade stock to Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Florida.

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JP Gould is committed to adhering to environmentally friendly practices that reduce waste, save energy and safely use human capital. We also work with our suppliers and customers to advance sustainable practices from product creation to final disposition.