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Introduction of a Group Brand and Formulation of a Corporate Philosophy

June 12, 2017

Amid the continuing globalization of the Japan Pulp & Paper Group and diversification of its business activities, in order for each of the Group’s members throughout the world to better grasp the values common to the Group and enable them to come together as one and promote the Group’s business activities, Japan Pulp & Paper Co.,Ltd hereby announces the introduction of a new group brand and corporate philosophy to be adopted from October of this year.


1. Background & Purpose

The globalization of the Japan Pulp & Paper Group and diversification of its business operations have been progressing at a rapid pace, which has resulted in the evolution of a diversified workforce of approximately 3,300 employees hailing from different business activities and countries and who possess differing sets of values.


2. Group Brand & Corporate Philosophy

The name “OVOL” together with a newly created logo will be adopted as the new Group brand, as a symbol of the Group’s direction and future possibilities. OVOL will be introduced into use from October 2017.

The new Group Corporate Philosophy is composed of various components: Our Corporate Spirit, which detail values considered important by the Group; Our Mission; and Our Principles, which defines those principles that management consider must be proactively practiced. A new Group Corporate Slogan has also been established, which brings together these concepts and indicates the direction of the Group’s business activities.


3. About the Group Brand



The two Os in the OVOL logo symbolize the global expansion of the Japan Pulp & Paper Group. The shape of the striking logo is not only reminiscent of a celestial orbit and ovals, but the repetition within the letter O represents a smooth and never ending continuity, nature and familiarity, as well as the direction of the Japan Pulp & Paper Group in its global expansion, and these are conveyed in a unique way that is both visual and almost aural. The letters of the logo include the word “VOL”, which conveys an image of flying in languages with a Latin origin such as French, and the four letters of “OVOL” represent both “the power to fly into the future” and the possibilities of a story’s new beginning.


The gray used in the logo has a high affinity with other colors and is also a harmonizing color that enhances any surrounding colors. As gray is a blend of all colors, it represents the cooperative ability to bring out the best in, and bring together, others. Gray also symbolizes the way of the Japan Pulp & Paper Group, which transcends time and is sought out for its significance.



4. About the Corporate Philosophy



Our Corporate Spirit
Nurture people through integrity, foster trust through fairness, support society through harmony.

Our Mission
Carving a better future for society and the environment.

Our Principles
Change ourselves as society changes.
Challenge new fields with conviction and ambitious spirit.
Create fresh global value through diversity.

Corporate Slogan
“Paper, and beyond”


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