JP Gould Announces New Leaf Collaboration

March 23, 2018

JP Gould and New Leaf Paper announce a collaboration to market 100% recycled coated paper under the
GEMSTONE 100 brand to commercial printers and corporations that want to support environmentally sustainable
business practices and demonstrate environmental leadership.

New Leaf Paper has been supplying 100% recycled coated paper for more than 19 years under the Reincarnation
brand. Due to the recent supply disruption caused by the closing of the manufacturer of Reincarnation, New Leaf
Paper quickly moved to maintain supply continuity for its customers. In agreeing to market GEMSTONE 100 with JP
Gould, it will be able to offer a product equal or superior to Reincarnation.

GEMSTONE 100 will be available in Matte and Silk finishes, in sheets and rolls for delivery throughout selected
markets in North America utilizing the JP Gould logistics system. Additionally JP Gould will provide all of the
warehousing, distribution, invoicing and accounts receivable functions for New Leaf Paper.

David Berkowitz, President and CEO, JP Gould said, “We are very pleased to be associated with New Leaf Paper and its
recognized leading position in marketing 100% recycled coated papers. This new initiative will support and extend our
commitment as a company to environmental sustainability.”

Jeff Mendelsohn, President of New Leaf Paper said, “Michelle Thornton and I are excited about our new collaboration
with JP Gould. We have been committed to environmental sustainability for our entire careers. By marketing
GEMSTONE 100 we will be able to continue to support and supply the many companies that have demonstrated their
commitment to sustainability by printing on 100% recycled coated papers.”

About JP Gould:
With revenues of more than $1 billion, JP Gould is among North America’s largest distributors of printing, publishing
and business papers. Clients include printers, packagers, manufacturers, corporations and governments worldwide.
JP Gould, in concert with its parent, OVOL Japan Pulp & Paper (USA) Corporation, has offices in virtually every major
city the world over. Japan Pulp and Paper has revenues in excess of $5 billion.

About New Leaf Paper:
Focusing on sustainable, superior papers, New Leaf Paper has been in business since 1998, marketing
environmentally responsible papers that compete aesthetically and economically with leading virgin fiber papers.